Construction - Renovation

Atlantique BTP, your all trades artisan for a brand new house, an enlargement of your bathroom,

the renovation of your kitchen, the restructuring of your frame and roof, your floors and tiles...

Local experts in construction

Masonry - Covering - Plastering - Facelift - Stone carving

 Our teams consist of local experts who know the practices and techniques of our region,

and who are familiar with the latest regulations and technical requirements.

Whatever the level of intervention, we demand the same quality from each member of our teams.



We can intervene on the whole of a construction project or on a part of a global building site, as well as coordinator.


General Masonry

Green Building


Laying of longrins

Heightening and Enlargement of houses and pavilions



Big Masonry Construction

Screeds, slabs and foundations

Walls, Load-bearing walls and Fencing walls

with integrated insulation



Small Masonry

Construction of partitions, ceilings

Laying plaster and tiles


Stone Masonry

Veneer, cladding

With dry stone shaping

Stone repointing


Construction of outdoor facilities

Terraces, Low walls, decorative low walls


Pools and pool rounds


Covering Works

All covering types

New, renovation, extension Building of roofs and sub-roofs

Building of flat roof terraces


Laying of roof domes


Sealing work

For sloped roofs and terraces roofs


Help Intervention

On leaks, sheeting following a disaster




Broken and missing slates

Zinc Coating problems

Tile and roof repair


Other services Roof maintenance

Sealing Revision


Roof repair

Partial and full renovation of roofs

Cladding, skylights

Sprocket lining


Roof cleaning



Manual, traditional, lightened, projected, finishing

Technical, decorative, high resistance

Tinted, surfin, single-layered



Building of interior brick partition walls

Plasterers Removal of non-bearing walls and modification

Wall cladding, outside cladding

Interior roughing

Briquetting, refilling, sealing

Correction of flatness defects

Finishes, door frames Improvement of air quality


Hygrometry regulation

Fire protection


In interior decoration


Other services

Exterior painting

Attic insulation

Renovation of apartments and houses

Floor and wall coverings

Demolition and small masonry

Tiles and earthenware

Facelift Buildings

Facelift Buildings

Houses, Villas

Restoration of woodwork, of walls

Resumption of flatness

Crack repair

Restructuring of concrete

Rebuilding of ancient stones


In adobe, stone, brick, lime.


Application of plaster

Plaster, restoration coatings, refilling



Joining facades

Treatment of joints

Joining stones

Facade waterproofing

Waterproofing class I1 to I4

Water insulation

Waterproof coating application

Smooth finish, trowel, marble grain



Technical, decorative

Fungicide, anti moss

Anti graffiti

Of wood, metal, concrete surfaces and masonry

Of cracks



Of facades, walls, old stones, graffiti

High pressure cold water, water cleaning, air cleaning

Sandblasting, demossing

Stone carving



Stone fireplace

New Renovation

Drawing and plans

Our team works with a draftsman to make diagrams, sketches or plans of all your projects. From the contemporary single-family house as a main residence or second home, to the renovation of your kitchen, bathroom, terrace or transformation of your garage into a loft !

Views of building sites...

General building contractor

Customized support, from the drawing of your project to the delivery of the building